Hi, I'm Grant

I transform problems into solutions using research, visual design, prototyping and interaction knowledge

I am a Idahoan based product designer with a passion for solving problems (long time Californian)


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February 17, 2018

How I can help take your next project to new heights

My Story

I find problems and create solutions but not limited to digital products. It all starts with a discussion with end-users and along the way, will uncover their pain points, gaps, needs, and workflows. My first priority is the user experience journey and how to make their “job to be done” executable in a realistic flow.

I always thought my profession was going to be a profound graphic designer with swag all over my desk displaying my creativity. I got to a point where the way users were using applications disappointed me. 18 years later, I’m researching new technologies on how to improve the user’s experiences by implementing new innovative components and features to their everyday use cases, creatively converting data into an interactive and visual display. The eye-opener was all caused by the smartphone reveal “iPhone”. I had realized anything is possible with technology.

My discipline comes from my younger years playing sports. I excelled at every sport I played. I trained religiously, watched my opponents closely, and would find their weaknesses. I was on a world championship soccer team at the age of 8-15 traveling all over the US and even was undefeated in England. Practiced with the US national soccer team and had my own sponsors, and trainers. Was an avid sponsored snowboarder. Won every event in track, and even broke school records. Played in the JR PGA golf. I learned that minimum practice wasn’t just enough. I graduated my junior year in high school with my AA. And later got my 4 year BA in two years. I wasn’t book smart, just had a way of figuring out the best path to excel. Not to mention I love working with my hands. I have owned a few houses and have done most of my own remodels, maintenance, and creating efficiencies in my home to lower my bills. It’s all relevant to my profession nowadays. Problem Solving

Back to my current profession, I’m a jack of all trades, a master of none. Technology is an ever-evolving piece of society today and takes adapting and learning, which is where innovation is a huge part of successful companies today.

Where I’ve Worked

2018 - Now

Sr. Product Design Manager @ Experian

2015 - 2017

UX Creative Director @ OrangeGrid


Creative Manager / Sr. Art Director @ Experian CS

My Passion Areas

Digital Design

  • Design Systems
  • Scalable Design
  • User Experience
  • Responsive  App/Web/Mobile


  • DesOps
  • Creative Direction
  • Mentorship
  • Culture
  • Facilitation/Whiteboarding

User Experience

  • Research
  • User Testing
  • Prototyping/Demos
  • Information Architecture